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Indeed, fashion has to be fun for every occasion. It is a reflection of your personality and brings out the creativity in you. Entertain yourself with the exciting designs and styles you can find here. We specially curate a stunning collection of bags that blend well with your dressing and lifestyle for any occasion. Be intrigued by its colors, styles and scintillating designs.

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An elegant tote bag specially designed for all occasions. It is attractive and versatile enough to bring to a fancy dinner after your day in the office or a trip to a mall.

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Chic, Classy & Fun

Clare-Rae Luxe Series

Clare-Rae Luxe Series

Clare-Rae Luxe Series

Be Awed By The Premium Quality And Exquisite Designs Of Our Luxury Range Of Ladies' Bags. Each bag is specially crafted with high quality leather and scintillating design to bring out the elegance and sophistication in you.
Characterized by its ingenious design and craftsmanship, our Cat Leather Flap Bag features a beautiful Cat Lock that is surely an ‘eye-catcher’.
Our personal favorites are the saddle bag selections; the exquisite Crossbody Saddle Bag features a Diamond Ring-Inspired lock that adds an elegant touch of glitter and lets you shine bright this season; Be inspired by the iconic embolden design of the Leather Saddle Bag with uniquely designed silver tassels that outshines our closest contenders. This elegant saddle bag will definitely turn heads and draw envy eyes as you stand out in a crowd.