About Us

"The bag doesn't quite suit your dressing Mom"

And that was how it started with my daughter as we searched for bags which are fashionable, chic and classy. We love bags and apparels with intriguing designs and colors;  bags and apparels which are simply vogue, modish and specially curated for all occasions.

We love the idea that fashion is fun but not necessarily the status, and that we dress to entertain ourselves.

I am Clare and my daughter is Rae.  We set up the store with our team to focus on apparel designs and colors that are exciting, stunning and scintillating for the fun-loving. Together we spent countless hours researching on the best designs and its qualities. 

We hope you will resonate with the selection in our humble store as we feature new  exciting, unique bags and apparels every month. Browse around our store and have fun shopping ! 

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