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  • For Him - Leather Bags & Briefcase

    For Him - Leather Bags & Briefcase

    Pick your favorite style from our specially curated men's bags ranging from genuine Leather Boston Travel Bags to Briefcases, Laptop Bags, Duffle bags and Backpacks. Be it for a short weekend trip or a workout at the gym, our leather Boston Travel bag is spacious enough to put everything you need to bring along. You can engrave a personalized name on the bag too. Featuring our favorite Multi-Functional Leather bag that is uniquely designed to be used as a Laptop bag or a Perfect Hiking backpack, it is indeed perfect for use in both work and leisure settings. Be impressed by our laptop briefcase bag that features a good unique design of organization & style. These practical, functional and best bags for men are of high quality affordably priced.

  • Designs You May Like

    Designs You May Like

    A Quick Peek Of Our Unique Designs. 
    Get ready to have fun shopping and flaunt yourself!

  • Clare-Rae Luxe Series

    Clare-Rae Luxe Series

    Be Awed By The Premium Quality And Exquisite Designs Of Our Luxury Range Of Ladies' Bags. Each bag is specially crafted with high quality leather and scintillating design to bring out the elegance and sophistication in you.
    Characterized by its ingenious design and craftsmanship, our Cat Leather Flap Bag features a beautiful Cat Lock that is surely an ‘eye-catcher’.
    Our personal favorites are the saddle bag selections; the exquisite Crossbody Saddle Bag features a Diamond Ring-Inspired lock that adds an elegant touch of glitter and lets you shine bright this season; Be inspired by the iconic embolden design of the Leather Saddle Bag with uniquely designed silver tassels that outshines our closest contenders. This elegant saddle bag will definitely turn heads and draw envy eyes as you stand out in a crowd.

  • Latest Collection

    Latest Collection

    We strive to delight you with new, exciting, unique and trendy designs every month so be sure to visit us !

  • Wallets and Pouches

    Wallets and Pouches

    Complete your outfit the way you desire with our range of wallets or purses that speak fun-loving, cuteness, elegance or sporty and are so totally ‘en vogue’.  Well-endowed capacity to carry what you need, your style isn't compromised with practicality and sensibility.  Wallets and purses are essential to any woman’s wardrobe and we've specially curated an array of unique, stylish long wallets, coin purses and card holders in this collection.  Be it with zip / flap closure or press stud, each model is carefully selected  with the highest quality finishes.  You can find our Cute & Fashionable Japanese mini coin purse - perfect for storing little things. Its Cute bunny and Kitty designs makes it a perfect gift. Our favorite is the unique colorful Checkered Wallet; a beautiful women leather wallet which is sturdy & practical for everyday use and of course - with internal zip pockets and lots of card slots.
    Check out our affordable wallets on sale to justify upgrading an old wallet that no longer works for you or just get an additional wallet to add to your collection; without wincing during checkout !

  • Weekender Bag

    Weekender Bag

    Planning a short road trip or weekend getaway calls for a sturdy, stylish, and functional travel bag. Our uniquely designed stylish weekender bag is designed to be roomy enough to carry all your necessities such as your toiletries, a pair of shoes or two and not too bulky. Sturdy enough that you don't have to baby it, and its unique colorful designs will add in the fun of a great weekend ahead!
    Please check out one of our favorite overnight bags - Stylish Weekender; an Eye-catching stylish design that is roomy enough for all your essentials and expresses your fun & creative personality.

  • Women's Clutches

    Women's Clutches

    Be awed by our affordable & attractive designer range of clutches and evening bags with unique, quirky & colorful designs. Envelope clutch bags or pouches have become increasingly popular in recent years. Our range of specially curated clutches are stylish and you can pair them with a simple pair of jeans or a formal evening dress. Check out our Metallic Clutch bag that could be a suitable choice as an evening bag for weddings. There is no better time to invest in a clutch purse than now as they are a fashion staple. Be it a casual outing or a romantic night out, we've got your back.

  • Shopping Bag

    Shopping Bag

    "Colorful, Fashionable and Eco-Friendly" form the basis of selection for our range of Tote bags & Reusable Shopping Bags. These bags are suitable for all occasions; be it for shopping, grocery, school or work, you can find them right here. Let our Trendy and Uniquely designed tote bags add colors and smiles to your life. Choose from our specially curated selection for that Perfect Tote bag and keep it casual, fun & practical. You can find Tantalizing Designs such as the Japanese Art Tote bag or the adorable Cat Print Tote bag. Our trending favorite is the Plaid Wool Knitted Tote bag, which feels good to the  touch and can be pleated into a strip for easy storage. Surely, its unique & beautiful design will add joy & fun to your shopping experience.

  • Handbags & Tote Bags

    Handbags & Tote Bags

    Delight in our unique selection of women's handbags with Chic, Fashionable, Colorful, Fun & Quirky designs. Specially curated 'Eye-Catching' designs of our tote bags, satchels & handbags will definitely add spunk to your life as you dress up with any of our bags to bring out your personal style. Our bags come in different materials such as Faux or Genuine leather and they are creatively designed, functional and versatile enough to match your outfit for all occasions. Check out our beautifully designed Letter Tote Bag that is affordable & versatile and can transit you from day-to-night. Or if you want to start your day on a fun note, you can take a look at our Quirky & Funky Unique Novelty bag. Our personal favorite is the Colorful Boston bag, which is of unparalleled beauty and truly a class of its own style & design.

    Be different, be fun. A bag is not just a bag, it is also a fashion statement.
    — Clare

  • Backpack


    Our versatile backpacks are suitable for all occasions; be it for work, school, travel or simply a fun day out. We have a range of Floral prints, Canvas, Oxford to Durable Vinyl and Leather backpacks for women. Stylish, Fashionable with Unique designs for women who desire a practical backpack for a busy and ‘fun’ lifestyle.
    Our featured favorites are : Embroidered Backpack, a beautiful floral backpack that has a practical mobile storage and an anti-theft feature. The Plaid Backpack is a perfect go-to bag for the great outdoors. It is functional (helps you store extra necessities) and comes with a classic design. An aesthetically pleasing bag that you can bring to school, a casual day out or a short weekend getaway.
    Shop Now for our affordable backpack collection, on sale and with discount, that comes with Free Shipping.